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What is the Sumter County Economic Development Council?

The Sumter County Economic Development Council (SCEDC) is a non-profit corporation, formed in 1975 by a group of business leaders in an effort to create new job opportunities.

How does the SCEDC operate?

The SCEDC is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of 15 members elected from the general membership. In addition, the immediate past president and representatives appointed by supporting governmental agencies serve on the Board of Directors.

Who are the Members of SCEDC?

Members of the SCEDC are businesses, industries and individuals who pay an annual membership fee.

What is the Mission of the SCEDC?

The Development Council has adopted the following Mission statement:

"To facilitate environmentally-sound and community-enhancing development in Sumter County  by assisting in the attraction, establishment, retention and expansion of commercial and industrial enterprise."

The SCEDC is the only agency or organization in Sumter County whose primary mission is to attract new business to the county and assist those which are here to grow and expand.

How is the SCEDC Funded?

At the present time, the SCEDC receives operating funds from the county, and also from the City of Bushnell and the City of Wildwood. The balance of the Council's funds come from membership fees, fund raisers and small grant programs.


          Are there other Services the SCEDC provides?

Yes, the SCEDC can arrange training programs through the Sumter County School Board, Lake Sumter Community College, area Vo-Techs and the Jobs and Education Partnership of Enterprise Florida. In addition, the SCEDC serves as a resource office, providing demographic and other information to a wide variety of contacts.

         How can I contact the SCEDC?

Just give us a  call, 352-793-3003, or E-Mail us at or stop at our office at 408 E. Seminole Ave. in Bushnell FL 33513 or write to us to PO Box 337, Bushnell FL 33513


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